Affordable Online Master’s in Organizational Leadership

If you’re a working professional who is thinking of returning to school to pursue a master’s degree, you’ll be glad to hear that a plethora of graduate schools are now offering master’s degrees online. But before you decide to go to a graduate school to pursue a master’s degree, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider.


These factors can make or break your future. The truth is, while online master’s degrees do provide a lot of convenience to the person pursuing them, many people still wonder: are online master’s degrees respected?


The same can be said about an online master’s in organizational leadership. This article will help you pick an affordable online master’s in leadership. But before we start to list the best options for an online master’s in organizational leadership – you need to understand how this list works.


The good news is there are many excellent choices out there if you want to pursue your degree online. If you’re not convinced, hopefully, our list will do the trick. On this list, you will find the most affordable organizational leadership programs according to the U.S Department of Education. Although some might be more expensive than the others, that is what the list is for!


Usually, when a school is expensive, it offers great academics, and the price tag is the reflection of that school’s quality. This list will move from the most expensive programs to the most affordable programs, and the programs on this list will cost between $14,000 to $6,000. Now that we’ve explained how this works – let’s jump right in!

Colorado Christian University

At Colorado Christian University, you can opt for an online master’s in organizational leadership (MOL). This degree consists of 36 credit hours that are organized into sessions that go on for seven weeks. Colorado Christian University also offers its students a unique chance to attend a 3-day national leadership conference on its campus in Colorado.


This aspect is a great feature for students who want to improve their leadership skills and want a chance to interact with industry professionals. But the downside is, the cost of travelling associated with the trip will be your responsibility. A survey by College Prowler revealed that 90% of CCU’s (Colorado Christian University) students would pick CCU again. While 75% of them found the career center immensely helpful.


Tuition: $13,596/year

University of Wisconsin at Platteville

The University of Wisconsin at Platteville offers an online master’s of science in organizational leadership. If students are seeking a great return on their investment, they should definitely consider this program for their graduate needs. According to, the online master’s of science program has been rated as the “best buy.”


This program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and is extremely flexible. This program has courses that are 100% online, and they allow students to learn at their own pace. The core courses of this program cover the basics of leadership quite extensively. Apart from leadership, this program also focuses on business, communication, organizational behavior, research, strategic thinking, theory and practice, and motivating change.


Tuition: $16,771/ year (Out-of-state), $7,640 (In-state)

Regis University

Regis University’s Online MSOL Organizational Leadership and Management Program can be taken at an accelerated format. This gives students the chance to complete their graduate studies at an accelerated rate. According to U.S News, the western school was named “top-tier.” It is also known for having a great business program. This particular factor can mean well for organizational leadership graduates too, since their program has some business elements.


If you’re studying at Regis, you can pick a specialization area, or you can also choose to pursue a dual degree. To complete their degrees, students need to complete a Capstone course that is integrated into their degree. The capstone course gives students a chance to demonstrate what they have learned in their degree and how they can apply their knowledge.


Tuition: $10,890/year

Brandman University

Brandman University is a part of the Chapman University System. The university offers an online master’s in organizational leadership. The program’s focus is mainly on critical analysis, collaboration, change management and ethics. The program has an interdisciplinary nature that allows students to opt for electives.


When it comes to electives, students have a choice between psychology, education, human resources, criminal justice and healthcare administration. Students also have the choice to take all of their courses online. If they want, they can also attend classes physically at the university’s campus on the West Coast.


The school is completely committed to quality education, and recently grabbed a spot on the U.S News “Honor Roll of Online Options.”


Tuition: $10,800/year

Thomas Edison State College

Thomas Edison State College also offers an online master’s degree that has a focus on organizational leadership. The school has a unique format that places a 24 credit hour focus on general management. After a student has completed studying the basics of management, they can pick electives in:


  • Contemporary Issues in Leadership
  • Global Management
  • Leading Change in Complex Organizations


And many others. According to many credible sources, TESC (Thomas Edison State College) has been deemed a leader in online education. The school was also given the “Distance Education Innovation Award” by the National University Technology Network. The university is renowned for its innovative FlashTrack course delivery program.


Tuition: $10,782/year


Organizational leadership is a consistently changing field. It requires professionals who understand business essentials and leadership at the core. As a crucial brand of business management, it is becoming increasingly important that every business has at least one organizational leadership graduate working for them.

With these factors in mind, the above colleges have one of the best programs in this field of education. Not only do these colleges offer quality education, but they also provide it in the convenience of your own home. If you’re an individual who has a passion to pursue a master’s degree in organizational leadership program and you can’t take out time for an online class: consider going online.

Not only are online degrees easier to keep up with, but they will also cost you lesser money.