Online Education Degrees

If you want to teach young children or cultivate within them the blocks of cognition – an online education degree can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’re teaching young children or adolescents who are eager to know everything, if you’re trying to become a teacher in the U.S, you’re going to need an education degree.

If you’re thinking of getting an online education degree – you’ve come to the right place. This article will list some of the best online education degrees you can get in the U.S. The truth is, whether children are in the classroom or in the outside world, they always need adults to make sense of the things around them. From outdoor education to the arts or the sciences, a child’s brain is processing a million ideas in a minute, and a teacher helps answer all of these questions.

Online education degrees are an accessible, flexible, and affordable way to earn an advanced degree. If you’re in a situation where you can’t afford to attend a class physically, an online degree might be the ideal option for you. The best part about studying online is the convenience and flexibility your program has. Because there is no strict attendance policy, you can take a class anytime you want.

When there are no black and white rules that force you to adapt to a new schedule, you can multitask and focus on a lot more things. Because of online degrees, you can give more time to your family and to the hobbies you love to pursue. Apart from the flexibility, some online education degrees on this list also offer students the unique chance to choose their own curriculum. This means that you don’t have to waste your time studying something you’re not interested in.

An online education degree allows you to have a personalized curriculum that is built for you and for you alone. Apart from offering greater flexibility, online education degrees come at a lesser cost. Because you’re not commuting daily back and forth between your campus and your home, you get to save a lot of money. Online degrees also save students from the money they spend on buying course books. Because you’re studying online, you can get all the material online without having to spend on any money, and this also saves you a lot of time!

Finding the appropriate edition and the appropriate book can be annoying when you’re taking a class. Finding it all in one place without having to look for it can be a great feeling. But before you decide to opt for an online education degree program, you’re going to need to know which one fits your needs the best. Listed below are some of the institutions that offer state-of-the-art online education degrees.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers a fully online education degree. Students can enroll in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College, which specializes in education degrees. This specialized program is for individuals who want to study the impact of education on a global scale. This program helps students analyze the impact education has on social injustices, environmental issues, immigration and under-resourced schools.

Some of the courses that have become the defining factor for this degree include:

  • Theories for acquiring and learning languages
  • Introduction to nutrition and health
  • Understanding the culturally diverse child
  • Global and historical awareness

There are also other credits that cover basic education requirements.

Credit Hour Cost: $530

University of Northern Iowa

The University of Iowa has a unique 2+2 online degree. Students first have to study for two years in a Des Moines Area Community College. During this time, they graduate with an associate of arts degree, which fulfills general education and liberal art requirements. After these two years, students study at the University of Northern Iowa campus.

Most of the classes are online; however, some of them require at least one class per week on campus. If you’re studying at UNI (University of Northern Iowa), you can specialize in areas like physical education and public health.

Credit Hour Cost: $302

Regis University

Regis University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education that includes initial licensure. If you want to teach children in grades like K-6 and you want to do this online, this might be the program for you. This program doesn’t require any prior college-level education, and it enlists all the 120 credit hours you’ll need to acquire the bachelor’s degree.

Regis University is known for incorporating a faith-based perspective in all of its curriculum. Their curriculum for this program is marked by three different areas of emphasis:

  • The Integration of theory with practical application
  • Developing teachers who are critical thinkers and data literate
  • Implementation of Technology in the classroom

Regis also helps you develop your oral communication skills, and through this program, you will be completely prepared to ready children for successful educational careers.

Credit Hour Cost: $395

Drexel University

Drexel University has a program that prepares students for pre-kindergarten through fourth-grade elementary teaching. This program takes two years to complete, so it’s essential that you already have general education credits. Drexel allows students to transfer up to 90 credit hours to fulfill their liberal arts requirements.

Some classes you can hope to take at Drexel are:

  • Literacy and Content Skill Development
  • Special Education Foundations
  • History and Philosophy of Education
  • Special Education Foundations
  • Typical and Atypical Development
  • Pedagogy
  • Diversity and Today’s Teacher
  • Creating a Positive Classroom environment
  • Teaching in Urban Contexts
  • Multimedia in Instructional Design

The university also requires students to have a full year of teaching experience. Upon graduation, students will be completely certified to teach in Pennsylvania. Students can also transfer their credits to their own state’s requirements. Drexel is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and Drexel is a private research university with multiple campuses. The university is globally ranked by:

  • ARWU
  • Forbes
  • U.S News & World Report
  • Washington Monthly
  • QS World University Rankings
  • Times Higher Education

Apart from Philadelphia, the university also has campuses scattered throughout the U.S.