Nutrition Certification Online

With the passage of time, people have become more and more health-conscious. Even if you look at sports, you’re going to notice an increased number of athletes who pay attention to their physique now than ever before. If you’re thinking of becoming a certified nutritionist, you’ve come to the right place!

Getting an online nutrition certification can have a wide variety of benefits. But to make sure that you enjoy considerable success in the field of nutrition, it’s important that you get the appropriate nutrition certification.

If you’re keeping yourself organized with the help of a personal trainer software, you’re going to save weeks of time! It can often take nutritionists a lot of time to arrange their data into a manageable form. If you’re dealing with more than one client at a given period of time, organizing different sets of data can be even more challenging.

The go-to personal training software for many nutritionists is PT Distinction. You can check out more personal training software here. The importance of nutritionists is growing by the passing day. Making the right food choices can change your life, and it can also help you manage chronic illnesses. Students who learn about nutrition can earn a health science certificate. A nutrition certification can teach you about:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • The Importance of a Balanced Diet
  • Why Hydration Is Necessary
  • The USDA Guidelines for a Healthy Diet

Almost 40% of American adults are classified as obese. That is an alarming number that tells a story on its own. Individuals who are obese have an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Preventive healthcare and proper counseling can help you get back on the right track so you can live your life without the fear of a dangerous disease.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2026, the demand for nutritionists will grow by 15%. These careers often require a bachelor’s degree. An online nutrition certification prepares an individual for entry-level employment. Many of these programs offer you the ability to transfer your credits so you can reduce the time you need to complete your undergraduate degree.

The first and foremost thing you’ll need before you decide to become a nutritionist is a reputable certification. A certification makes your clients trust you, and if you don’t have one, it can be hard to gather clients. Think of it this way: will you let an uneducated nutritionist train you? Apart from becoming a professional nutritionist, your certificate will also help you in other careers like education, or you can also consider becoming a wellness coach.

The Best Online Nutrition Certification Programs

Brandman University

Brandman University was founded in 1958 as a non-profit institution. It has a proud history of teaching military students, and it is in more than 20 locations across America. Brandman serves a diverse population of students who are seeking to maximize their potential and the flexibility with which they learn.

Brandman University offers a certificate in nutrition and wellness, which is tailor-made for coaches, teachers, advisors in fields of wellness and nutritionists. The program provides extensive training in nutrition, and it also teaches how a lack of proper nutrition can lead to depression and sleep deprivation. After you’ve completed the 15-credit hour health science certification, you can enroll in a dietician program that will provide you with a bit more information.

To get into this program, you need to have at least 12 completed credits at the baccalaureate level with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Liberty University

Liberty University was founded in 1971 in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is known for being one of the earliest entrants in the distance learning scene. Liberty University is a not for profit liberal arts school. It began delivering its first courses in 1985. The school is known for its affordable higher education, which puts emphasis on the biblical perspective of things.

Students who are interested in taking the first steps towards medical coding, administration, nursing or health technician roles can consider getting a certificate in health sciences. This program focuses on topics like:

  • Wellness promotion
  • Drugs
  • Nutrition
  • Applied Human Anatomy
  • Physiology

The health certification that is delivered online contains 18 credit hours that are delivered over six months of rigorous education. Services that support online students while they’re studying include writing services, an online library and a career center.

Southern Arkansas University Tech

Southern Arkansas University is in the heart of East Camden. It was founded in 1968 and is a two-year community college that is affiliated with the Southern Arkansas University. The mission of this institute is to focus on educating people on the technical aspects, and also teach them how a workforce works. The school is known for its innovation, diversity and respectable stewardship of the resources of the public.

SAU offers a comprehensive 11-month nursing health science certificate that can be taken entirely online. The program consists of general education for students who are interested in the health sciences certificate and pre-nursing. Students have to complete between 37-40 hours of credits, which are delivered through a platform by the name of Brightspace.

The Advantages of a Nutrition Certification

Not only will your nutrition certification open career options in the nutrition field, but it will also complement the existing education you have. If you’ve studied to become a nurse, a nutrition certification will help you advise your patients better. And who knows? Your certification might motivate you enough to build a career in health science or nutrition.

Many entry-level nutrition jobs require that the applicant at least have an associate degree. A two-year program requires 60 credit hours that combine science, general education and courses based on nutrition. Graduates of nutrition courses can expect to have a basic understanding of how proper nutrition can improve physical health. Apart from improving the lives of your patients, your nutrition certification will improve yours significantly. A diet technician can expect to earn:

  • Entry level: $30,300
  • Mid-career: $31 ,170
  • Experienced: $34,280
  • Late career: $37, 360

While a wellness coach can expect to earn:

  • Entry Level: $28,030
  • Mid-Career: $33,760
  • Experienced: $41,870
  • Late Career: $46,560