The Life of an Online Student

Imagine this: You wake up at 8:45 AM, brush your teeth, and then sit down in front of your laptop for your online class that starts at 9 AM. You’re attending a class in your pajamas while sitting on your bed! Doesn’t that sound comfortable? And while it may seem like such a lifestyle is a bit too laid back – this is quite simply how a regular day starts for an online student.

Online learning has made getting education much more convenient and straightforward for a lot of people. Virtual courses provide you with the opportunity to learn online from eLearning experts. Not only do you get to learn in the convenience of your home, but you can also choose to study courses that are customized to your needs. The advantage of customizing your curriculum allows you to base your education in specific areas of interest.

Not only do you get to study what you want to, but you also get to study when you want to. If you often wonder what the life of an online student is like, you’re not alone! Since choosing to study online is a decision that is still slowly gaining popularity amongst prospective students, many students want to know what’s it like to be a full-time online student.

It can be difficult to portray what life is like for an online student because simply put: there are no typical days. An online student can be more tech-savvy in online communication software, but then again, online education isn’t always a bed of roses. Below, we share what life is like for an online student.

Discipline Is Key

When you’re studying online, discipline is key. Sure you have no attendance policy to worry about, and sure you don’t have to get up earlier in the morning to catch your bus, but one essential factor you need to consider while studying online is that when you’re on your own, you need to have an alarm clock inside you.

What we mean by an alarm clock inside you is that you need to keep yourself motivated enough to respect the deadlines that are given to you and the time that is allotted to you for a class. Because there isn’t any policy that imposes you to come to class or risk failing a course, you need to be self-disciplined.

You Can Create a Schedule That Works for You

Another factor of online education is the flexibility of schedules. You have the choice to take lectures live while your course facilitator is recording them, or you can listen to them after they’ve been posted online. It doesn’t matter which option you pick – give priority to the schedule you can follow comfortably.

One of the most prominent reasons people choose to study online is because they can’t commute easily from work to their class on campus on time. Even if they can, listening to an hour-long class after a nine-hour work shift is pointless. Your body is completely drained, and you have no energy left to focus.

It is because of this reason; working individuals choose to study online. Online students have the liberty to choose a schedule that works for them. Because of a personalized schedule, they can attend an online class any place any time as long as they have their smartphone with them.

They Participate More Than On-Site Students

According to astudy, students who prefer to study online have a higher participation rate than students who choose to attend a class physically. There are many reasons that contribute to this phenomenon. Firstly, students who take a class online are essentially taking a class alone in the isolation of their home. To participate and ask the facilitator a question, they simply have to type in their query, and the instructor can respond.

Compared to asking a question in a traditional classroom, online students have it easier. They don’t have to raise their hand and attract attention from every student in the classroom. Another reason why online students participate more is because in reality, in their efforts of struggling for a good grade – they are alone. They don’t have a large group of friends they can rely on, so they have to clarify all of their queries themselves.

They Are Excellent at Multi-Tasking

When a student chooses the online lifestyle, it is never truly a bed of roses. While online education does offer lucrative benefits and immense convenience to students, it also requires them to be skilled at multi-tasking. Online students typically choose to study online because attending a class physically isn’t something they are capable of doing, and there can be many reasons for this.

If an individual wants to pursue higher education but has a sick parent they need to take care of too, attending a class physically can be a problem for them. Choosing to study online often puts them in a situation where they can handle one or more tasks in a single time. This unique opportunity gives them a chance to learn how to divide their attention between two tasks simultaneously.

Online education also allows students to dedicate their time to their passions and future career. If a high school student wants to grow up to become a basketball player but can’t find the time to play basketball, they can choose to study online. Online education allows students the freedom and flexibility to manage their day on their own terms.

Online students can spend the first half of their day training as an athlete and then spend their afternoons completing the coursework required for their online degree. Online students never have to choose between making time for education and making time for their passions.


The convenience and flexibility of online education allows students to accomplish their goals quickly and on their own terms. Although students can have personalized curriculums, they are studying towards the same goal. But with that being said, going online is not meant for everybody. If you think you’re disciplined enough to attend an online class without an attendance policy – going online will be a wise choice.