Jobs You Can Get After an Online Degree

If you’re pursuing an online degree, you might’ve heard rumors around the fact that employers don’t value online degrees. While there is little truth to that claim, we’re here to tell you that there are still a lot of jobs that you can get after your online degree – you don’t have to attend classes physically to get these jobs!

And if you haven’t studied online, it’s never too late to start! It can be possible that the current degree you have does not have many potential jobs. Many people don’t think of getting a second bachelor’s degree because they despise the time a traditional bachelor’s degree takes. And they are not wrong, a traditional bachelor’s degree earned on-site takes, on average, five years! But did you know that an online bachelor’s takes, on average, 2.5 years to complete?

That’s precisely half the time it would’ve taken you to complete a degree on campus. If you’re an adult and you’re considering changing your career into one of those in-demand professions, an online degree from a top institution is the way to go. This way, you can prepare for your new career while still keeping your current job to provide for yourself and your family.

There are some careers that are more likely to get you a long-lasting job than others. The best part is, not only will these jobs be secure, but they will also pay well! Of course, we can’t guarantee that pursuing the degrees required for these jobs will get you your desired position. But since these careers are undergoing rapid change, we can assure you that you’ll be in high demand.

· Solar Technology Installer

Look around your neighborhood; you’re bound to find a house around you that has a solar panel installed on its roof. This is one of the biggest reasons there’s a surge of professionals entering the field of solar-powered technology. Professionals are needed to install solar panels, and this task requires a deep understanding of how solar-powered technology operates.

In the last ten years, the field of solar energy has seen a staggering growth rate, and the growth rate for the next ten years is projected to be around 105%. Solar technology installers can expect to take home $39,400 per year.

· Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides work directly with people who need personal care on a permanent or temporary basis. Personal care aides are not meant to provide medical help. Instead, they help with dressing, eating, and bathing.

There are many online nursing programs that will prepare potential students to become certified nursing assistants. This career has seen a surge in its popularity too. The career growth for home health professionals is 47%, which is higher than the average growth rate of other professions. An average personal care aide can expect to take home $23,210 per year. This career has a lot of growth potential, which is mainly the reason experts can earn in six figures.

· Physician Assistant

Physician assistants practice medicine with a team of physicians and nurses. They are qualified to treat patients in a variety of places, whether it’s the patient’s home or a hospital. If you’re looking to get an online degree to become a physician, look for one that is certified and offers accredited graduate-level courses.

While there are many online degrees that can get you the certification of a physician assistant, it’s essential that you don’t trust every online degree you see. While being a physician’s assistant is greatly valued, there are some factors that your employer will consider before they decide to hire you. Like any traditional degree, the reputation of your college matters a lot.

If you acquired your online degree that is reputable and well-respected, the chances are that the employer won’t even ask how you obtained your degree. Apart from having a degree from a renowned institute, it is also essential that your degree has the right accreditation. It is also crucial that you have the right license because each state requires a physician’s assistant to be licensed in order to get a job.

Jobs in the field of health care are always growing because the human body is unpredictable. Physician assistants who have earned their online degrees can earn an average of $104,860 per year, with the number of jobs increasing by 37% in the coming years.

· Nurse Practitioners

Compared to registered nurses, nurse practitioners have a higher level of training, and they also have more responsibilities. They have the same duties as a physician, and a nurse practitioner can also diagnose and treat medical conditions. Because of their license, they can also prescribe medicines. A nurse practitioner can choose to work in general practice, or they can acquire a specialization.

Accredited nurse practitioner programs require the student to acquire master’s level nursing courses to graduate. Because of such a challenging program, nurse practitioners have a high demand because few are able to complete the program. The average growth rate for nurse practitioners is 36%, and their average salary is $103,880.

· Market Research Analysts

A market research analyst is supposed to identify the impacts of the sale of goods and services. Like most of the professions in these lists, the job of a research analyst is highly demanding and requires that the candidate have excellent analytical skills. The analyst is responsible for providing feedback on what is making people buy a product.

By doing this, a research analyst opens up a plethora of marketing opportunities for companies. When companies know which channel is working out for them and which type of consumer is buying their product, they can focus their marketing efforts on that specific market segment. Typically, an online bachelor’s degree in marketing can get you the job of a research analyst.

It is essential that the research analyst understand consumer behaviors. In the following decade, the demand for a market analyst is expected to grow by 23%, while their average salary for a year can be $63,230.