Pros & Cons of Online Nursing Degree Programs

If you’re considering expanding your skillset, obtaining a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree can expand your potential to earn money. It can also provide you with additional skills that can help you improve the quality of care you give to your patients, but unfortunately, attending classes in-person is another hassle to deal with. But luckily for you, high-speed internet and college management with progressive attitudes have made online learning possible for students.

Online nursing degrees can offer you an exceptional level of flexibility that on-site classes can’t, and the power to study at your own pace can be comforting to many students. But with that being said, online education isn’t entirely the bed of roses that people claim it is. Most nurses are keen on understanding the benefits of an online nursing degree – these include a high salary, good quality of life and a sense of accomplishment, but before you decide to pursue an online nursing degree, it’s important that you consider the pros and cons.

Pro: You Can Create Your Own Schedule

When you’re studying online, there are no preset class times and no strict attendance policies, and the best part is – you can attend a class from the comfort of your own room. Because work schedules can be unpredictable, having the flexibility of a schedule that is designed for you can be uplifting. There are also many programs that ignore the concept of fixed curriculums and allow students to study at their own pace.

In these programs, students do not have any deadlines that make it compulsory for them to submit something before the deadline. These programs allow students to finish coursework as quickly or as slowly as they want.

Pro: You Have More Options

In the past, if you wanted to further your education, you could only pick between a limited number of colleges and universities within your vicinity that offered nursing degrees. And if the schools that were accessible to you did not have a good reputation, life could be tough for you. But thanks to the unprecedented reach of the internet, we’ve now seen a surge in the list of nursing programs that are being offered.

If you’re a student who is living in the rural areas and you can’t come to the city to attend classes, getting an online nursing degree could be a very attractive option for you.

Pro: You Can Save Money

And of course, when you’re not making the daily journey of traveling to college amidst the annoying traffic jams, you can save a lot of money. Apart from the traveling costs, there are several other ways that an online degree can save you money. If you’re a potential student who is considering moving to the city to study for an online nursing degree, there are various cost factors that you’ll have to consider.

Apart from the travelling costs, you’ll also have to consider the rent you’re going to pay and other living costs like food and electricity bills, but when you’re studying from home, these additional costs never materialize. An online course also has all the coursework available in soft copy format, so you don’t have to buy books either, which also helps you save money.

Con: You Can’t Get Immediate Feedback From Your Professors

When you’re studying in a traditional classroom with your course facilitator standing right in front of you, instant feedback is relatively easy to receive. You can consult your professor if you have any confusion, and your confusion can be resolved within the minute. Even if your professor doesn’t answer, you can instantly ask a classmate who might be willing to help, but when you’re studying at home, you can’t afford this luxury.

If you get confused during an online class and you want to ask your professor a question, you might not get an answer for your confusion instantly. You might have to wait a long time till your teacher sees your question in the live chat feed and then decides to answer it, and if you choose to save your question till the end of class – you might even forget that you had any confusion in the first place.

Con: It Can Be Difficult to Keep Up

Because during an online class a teacher isn’t physically present in front of you and they can’t really prove that you’re paying attention, online classes have more coursework than traditional classrooms. Since there are no exams or quizzes, students are marked on the assignments that are given to them. Since there are many concepts that can be taught during an online nursing degree, there can be many worksheets and assignments that a student has to complete to pass a semester successfully.

If you can’t process information quickly, or if you can’t submit all of your assignments on time, you will lag behind. Because you’re at home, you aren’t entirely in an educational setting, so trying to focus can also be a huge hurdle. If you have struggled with procrastination in the past, think long and hard before you consider enrolling in an online nursing degree.

Con: You Have Limited Face-To-Face Interaction

Although studying in the comfort of your room with your desired pace can be relaxing, you can also miss out on some essential experiences that make your nursing degree a fun experience. In a classroom setting, you can make friends whom you can lean on in times of stress. Your friends will be able to understand the tiresome struggle you go through because they go through it themselves. Your friends can make the classroom experience more enjoyable too.

If you’re enrolled in an online nursing degree, there will be limited or no face-to-face interaction. If you’re an introvert who doesn’t like interacting with people a lot, this might actually be a pro for you, but if you’re an extrovert who believes in building meaningful relationships, an online nursing degree might not be too much fun for you. Evaluate these pros and cons extensively before you decide to enroll in an online nursing degree; the difference might just change your life!