The Pros and Cons of Studying Online

Compared to traditional education, online degrees have a short history. But if you forget this factor, you can readily admit that online education is here to stay, and its importance and popularity is growing at an exceeding pace. This fact can be confirmed by a number of studies that evaluate how online education is changing every year.


A 2018 surveyon online education showed that enrollments into online programs have remained steady since 2016. Another study on online education confirmed that the hype around online education is real – at least in the United States. According to this study, 86% percent of online students considered the value of their degree equal to or higher than the cost they paid to pursue it.


It’s clear that online education can have its pros, but we’re here to tell you that there are certain drawbacks to online degrees. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out.

The Cons of Studying Online

You’re Statistically More Likely to Drop Out

Multiple studies have confirmed that students who study online have a higher chance of dropping out compared to students who study on-site. This is partially because like-minded individuals surround a student who studies on-site, and it’s true that our surroundings significantly impact our thoughts. According to a study, the key to sticking with your online degree is by adopting a growth mindset.

Our advice: give yourself small weekly goals regarding your education that keep you motivated.

Time Zones Are Annoying

While learning away from university in the convenience of your home can be relaxing, you’ll also have to consistently keep up with time zones since you’re studying remotely. For example: if you’re enrolled in a course based in Melbourne, Australia, and you live in Vancouver, Canada, the time difference for you is 18 hours!


Then you’ll have to account for daylight savings, which will make things even more complicated. Assignment and project deadlines will be another hassle as well. Struggling with time zones can be pretty tedious unless you live in Britain!

You’re Going to Need Self-Discipline

It’s more than likely that when you’re studying online, you won’t have a strict attendance policy. You’re going to be responsible for attending your classes, and if you miss details about an important quiz or project, you’re on your own! Since you’re not surrounded by students who are in the same boat, managing everything on your own can be tough.

You’ll need to develop a habit of regularly checking your email. This is primarily why many students lag behind in online classes and can’t manage to move at the pace of the facilitator. Because everyone is taking classes in the isolation of their own rooms, a majority of the students face this problem. The semester usually starts out with people feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about learning, but as the semester progresses, everything goes awry.

So if you’re thinking of enrolling in an online course, remember: there will be a lot of catching up you’ll need to do.

The Pros of Studying Online


This has to be the first and most prominent feature of online education – immense flexibility. When you’re studying online, you have a variety of opportunities that you did not have when you had to attend a class physically every day. Online education allows students to spend more time with their families while studying at the same time. Because they have a flexible schedule, they can also study at a pace that suits them.


If you have to care for an elderly parent or an individual that has to depend on someone, online education allows you to do so.

Gamified Learning

One aspect that makes online education so attractive to potential students is the concept of gamified learning. When a student is studying a course online, it is probable that they might lose attention quickly since they don’t have an instructor consistently watching them. To tackle this problem, instructors often incorporate small games into their curriculum to make the course fun and engaging.


Not only does gamified learning promise higher participation, but it also makes the learning process more effective. When students are having fun while learning, they are more likely to understand the gist of the topic being taught to them.

Your Teachers Are eLearning Experts

There are no two opinions about the fact that online education is the future of education. Because of this fact, many individuals have mastered the art of online teaching. Online teaching is categorized as a specialty in countries like Australia, the UK, and the US. Because universities are moving their curriculums online, they require online teaching specialists that make sure the online experience is worthwhile for a student.


The point is: when you choose to study online, it’s more than likely that you’ll be in good hands.

You’re Going to Save a Lot of Time

Isn’t it obvious? Now that you’re learning from your room, you save the time you would typically spend stuck in traffic or getting ready to go out in public. Covering a long distance to attend a one-hour long class is annoying for most people. Not only do students have to bear agonizing traffic jams, but they also have to wake up two hours before their class to get ready for their class.


But when you’re learning from home, you have a lot more time for yourself. And because online courses usually have more coursework, you can use your time to study, and still have enough left for recreational activities.

You Have Freedom to Travel

How many times have you had to turn down an enthralling travelling experience just because you had to be physically present in college? We’ve all been there, and this is one of the reasons people love online education. If you have your phone or laptop with you, you can study anywhere and still have the time to travel.


But it’s also important to remember that online classes are not just lectures. If you have a quiz or assignment coming up, consider delaying your travel plans until you’re at peace that you won’t be losing any grade points by travelling.