Why Students Choose an Online Degree

In the past decade, the quality of education and the way it is delivered to students has drastically changed. Gone are the days when students had to commute long distances to attend a one-hour long class. Online classes are flexible and can be tailored to anyone’s schedule.


Online degrees have also gained popularity in the last few years because employers have changed their perception of online degrees on a whole. This is because with every passing year, a growing number of students prefer to study online, just because of the convenience it provides. The latest statistics show, that on average, 33% of all college students take at least one course online.


This increased participation in online learning has led to increased recognition of online degrees. In the coming years, enrollments in online courses are expected to increase by 71%. Not only is online education gaining popularity because of the convenience it provides, but it is also gaining popularity because of its ability to educate people who were unable to get educated before.


Many disabled people are not able to commute long distances to attend classes. They also have special needs that require attention and giving them that attention is not always possible at an educational institution. Nearly three million students are enrolled in entirely online programs, which further implies that online education has become a popular higher education alternative.


This means that whether it’s a student or a working professional, everyone has a reason to study online. If you’re still curious as to why students choose to study online, below are some of the most prominent reasons for you to consider studying online.

Reasons to Study Online

Plethora of Programs and Courses

Gone are the days when only a limited number of courses were offered online. Nowadays, countless students are studying entirely online. Whether it’s a traditional four-year degree or a completely online college, nowadays, higher education provides a variety of programs and courses online.


This means that no matter what a student wants to study, from engineering to finance, they can find the courses they want to study online. Apart from the variety of courses you can take online, there is also a wide variety in the type of degrees you can study online. Whether it’s a degree that you want or a doctorate, both can be found online.

Lower Cost

On the whole, online programs prove to be more affordable than traditional, brick-and-mortar on-site degrees. The associated expenses with your online degree will always be lesser but don’t expect the tuition fee to be any lesser. For example, when you’re studying online, there are no traveling costs, and the course material that is required is available online entirely.


The latest advancements in online education also allow a student to earn credits that are accepted by most colleges and universities. These credits allow students to fulfill their basic degree requirements.

More Comfortable Learning Environment

All of us have seen those commercials that feature online students attending online classes in their pajamas. This is just one of the advantages of an online learning environment. When you’re studying online, you don’t have to fight traffic to reach your class on time or leave work early so you can reach your class on time. You can also have quality family time when you’re studying online.

Convenience and Flexibility

When you’re studying online, you have the opportunity to plan study time during the rest of the day. Usually, it’s the other way around. When your course work is always available online, you can study and work at your convenience. This way, you don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the library to find that one course book that has all the information you need. These benefits also allow students to balance family commitments with their tight work schedules.

Improved Interaction and Greater Concentration

While there may be contradicting evidence that explains that students participate better in person rather than in online classes, one thing is certain: online courses enable shy students to raise their queries. Oftentimes shy students don’t ask questions in the classroom because they can’t handle the attention that situation comes with. The lack of classroom activity also makes students concentrate better in online classes.

Career Advancement

Another massive advantage of online education is the flexibility it provides to working individuals. Many full-time working individuals can’t carry on with their education because the time for a class simply does not fit into their robust schedule. To continue with their education, they either have to make time for an online class, or even worse, leave their job. Also, earning a degree while working can show your current employer that you’re ambitious to progress forward in your career.

Improve Your Technical Skills

Online degrees are a lot more technical than traditional degrees. Even the most basic online course requires you to have knowledge of computer skills. You need to know how to operate stringent learning management systems (LMS) and programs. Apart from this, the participation skills you acquire from studying online help you in other professions as well.


While studying online, you have to create or share documents, and interact with audio and video material. Some colleges even provide free laptops or iPads.

Transfer Credits

Students who study online can also get credits transferred during summer semesters. Oftentimes, students live far away from their college or work summer jobs, for these students taking an online class is much more convenient. These students can take courses from an accredited college and then get their credits transferred to their primary college.


This gives students the chance to earn while studying, and they can also enjoy their summer vacation during this time. Similarly, if a university or college does not offer an online course, students can take that course at another accredited college and then get their credits transferred.


Online degrees are an excellent alternative for students who have tight schedules, or even for those students who want flexibility in their education. They are also a suitable option for individuals who are excellent at technology-based communication.